U.S. Covers versus U.K. Covers 

I never knew that the size of U.K. books were different than those here! There’s a large difference between sizes and the books in the U.K. tend to be stiffer than those here, our books are considered “floppy” and makes it so you won’t break the spine as easily. I don’t know why I didn’t think that the covers may be different in some cases since I knew that the covers of the “Harry Potter” books were different between the U.S. and Canadian/U.K. covers. The U.K. 

Which do I like more?

I tend to like the U.K. covers more than the U.S. covers. I like the different colors and styles that they use for their covers. Look at the “Mistborn” trilogy covers, the style looks so pretty compared to the U.S. covers. The one on the left is the U.K. cover and the one of the right is the U.S. cover. The U.S. cover makes the series look like a typical fantasy book and the U.K. cover looks like it is more in-debth with the series and it gives it an almost mysterious look. 

There has been times that I like the U.S. covers more than the U.K. but I do tend to like the U.K. ones more. I do like that the U.S. books are “floppy” so I won’t break the spine and make the book look ugly. 


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