Tsum Tsums

Over the past year or so, I have been collecting something called “Tsum Tsums” from the Disney store. They are little stackable plush that are the different Disney characters. Every 1st, and now 3rd, Tuesday of every month the Disney store releases new Tsums. I fell in love with them after reading that they came from Japan and the word Tsum comes from the Japanese word 積む or tsumu which means to stack. 

I keep trying to tell myself that I won’t buy anymore and then I see what the next ones are going to be and I am like “I NEED TO BUY THESE!!!” I am most definitely obsessed with them because they are so adorable! They are fun to collect and find places where I can place them. 

The newest ones that I just got were for the movie “Zootopia” and now I see that the next ones that are going to be released March 1 are the ones for “Tangled” which is one of my favorite Disney movies so I will definitely need to get those! 

Find out more about Tsum Tsums: here 


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