10 Anime Series I LOVE To Watch

There are so many anime series that have been released. I have seen so much anime over the years that sometimes, it is hard to keep up with what I have seen! I like a variety of anime and there is no set anime genre that I like. I like anything from shojo magic girl to shounen dark fantasy. I really like horror anime because Japanese horror anime, Japanese horror anything really, and I can’t help but become addicted to watching them. So some of my favorite series that I love to watch are:

  1. Attack on Titan“: The dark and gritty anime that shows humanity’s weakness to giant Titans that can easily kill a human. This anime shows that humanity is trying to fight back from the Titans and gain their home back. This show is so intense that in the first episode you see the main character’s mother being eaten by a Titan.
  2. Cardcaptor Sakura“: One of the older anime that I have watched, by that I mean I watched it when I was younger. This is a magical girl anime with the main character trying to capture the card’s spirits that she accidentally released by speaking one card’s name.
  3. Fairy Tail“: I just started watching this anime and I am enjoying it quite a lot. It kind of reminds me of “Rave Master,” which is probably because it is by the same person, Hiro Mashima. This anime is actually pretty interesting and easily holds my attention.
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist“: Be it the original anime or Brotherhood, this anime is simply amazing! It is certainly one of my favorites. This is about 2 young boys trying to get their body’s back after trying to bring their mother back to life, which is considered taboo. The younger boy lost his entire body and had his soul attached to a suit of armor by his older brother. The older brother first lost his leg and then lost his arm in order to attach his brother’s soul to the suit of armor.
  5. The Future Diary“: This is a really creepy anime and it is very enjoyable. This is about a boy who spends his day writing in his diary about the things that are going on around him. Strangely, one day his diary has more days in it but they are not the past entries they are for the future. He becomes a part of a “Survival Game” and needs to survive in order to win.
  6. Inu x Boku Secret Service“: This is an anime about humans with demon ancestors live in a school residence with bodyguards, or Secret Service, there to protect them from things that may attack them. This is actually a really enjoyable anime to watch!
  7. Sailor Moon“: The very first anime I ever watched! This brings back such nostalgic feelings whenever I watch it. The story is a long one, with 201 episodes for the original anime. Now there is another series called “Sailor Moon Crystal” which is a more fast pace and follows the manga more directly, including the art style. I still love this anime and I probably always will!
  8. Sankarae“: This is a zombie love story. A girl becomes a zombie after doing an experiment with a boy who was trying to bring his cat back to life. The girl takes the drug and when nothing happens goes home and kills herself after an altercation with her father. She becomes a zombie and goes to the boy’s house for protection.
  9. Soul Eater“: I just started watching this anime so I don’t know much about it yet but I must say it is really good! And by just started I mean I have watched the first episode so I can’t go into details what it’s really about but I know I will like it because it is different and interesting.
  10. Tokyo Ghoul“: This is a dark anime about human-eating ghouls. This story is about a boy who becomes attracted to a girl he often sees and when they go on a date, she tries to eat him because she is a ghoul. She does not succeed but he becomes a half-ghoul because the doctors used part of the female ghoul’s body. This first season is about him trying to come to grips about his situation and realize there are stronger ghouls out there.



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