Ten TV Shows I Want To Start

While I do not watch much TV because I mostly watch YouTube, there have been some TV shows that I have wanted to start. I never had Netflix until a few weeks ago and I must say that now I understand why people are obsessed with it! I watch the entire “Jessica Jones” season in a few days even with school. When I don’t feel well I watch things to escape the pain that I am feeling even for a little while. There are a lot of shows that I need to watch that my friends have told me to watch and now that I have Netflix they are nagging me to watch those shows. What are those shows?

  1. Once Upon A Time“: I have been interested in this show since it came out because it was fairytale retellings and I love fairytale retellings! This show looks so interesting and I think this is at the top of my priority list.
  2. Grimm“: This series looks really good too! I mean it is about the Grimm fairytales what could be bad about it? AND more fairytale retellings, I must say I have an obsession with fairytale retellings!
  3. Daredevil“: Ever since watching “Jessica Jones” I have wanted to watch this because I realized that they are tied together in a way, at least it is the same world and there is at least one character that is from “Daredevil” in “Jessica Jones.”
  4. Firefly“: This show was recommended to me by one of my friends, well actually she said that I can’t say that I like Sci-fi until I have watched this so now it is on my list. It does look interesting but it isn’t at the top of my priority list.
  5. Orange is the New Black“: I am not sure that I would actually like this show but I do want to see what all the hype is about. I have heard nothing but good things about this show.
  6. Breaking Bad“: This show looks interesting to see a man being drawn into the world of drug making. Again, I am not certain that I will like it but I am willing to try it!
  7. Gotham“: I like the premise of the show and am interested in watching this series. I am typically a Marvel girl but I am willing to see what DC has to offer.
  8. Hannibal“: The creepy cannibal’s story, what more is there to offer? I have always been interested in Hannibal’s story.
  9. Game of Thrones“: Uhh… Please don’t stab me with virtual knives because I have not seen this show yet! My friend’s have been screaming at me to watch this show because it is so good. I won’t lie, I don’t know why I haven’t watched it because it does look good!
  10. Bitten“: The TV adaptation of Kelley Armstrong’s series “Otherworld.” While I haven’t read the books I always want to support book-to-TV/book-to-movie adaptations. This series does look good even without the appeal of being a book-to-TV adaptation.

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