Shadowhunters: My Thoughts and Recap of Episode 1

What is Shadowhunters?

Shadowhunters is the Netflix original show that is based on Cassandra Clare’s best selling series The Mortal Instruments. The books in The Mortal Instruments series are “City of Bones” (2007), “City of Ashes” (2008), “City of Glass” (2009), “City of Fallen Angels” (2011) “City of Lost Souls” (2012), “City of Heavenly Fire” (2014). Cassandra Clare also has expanded the world with a prequel series, The Infernal Devices, and a sequel series, The Dark Artifices. The Infernal Devices has 3 books in it: “Clockwork Angel” (2010), “Clockwork Prince” (2011), “Clockwork Princess” (2013). The Dark Artifices is Cassandra’s newest series, it is supposed to be a trilogy at this point, and the 3 books in it are: “Lady Midnight” (2016), “Lord of Shadows” (expected 2017), “The Queen of Air and Darkness” (expected 2018).

Shadowhunters follows Clary Fray who is trying to get her mother back after she has been kidnapped by people she could never have even thought were real. A Shadowhunter is half human and half angel who fights demons to protect the Mundane, the humans.

My Thoughts of the Show So Far

So far I have watched all 6 episodes that have been released and I must say I am loving it. I love what the actors have brought to the characters they play and how the story is evolving. Let it be known that this is not the first time that The Mortal Instruments have reached an audience through a screen, there was a movie called “City of Bones.” This movie wasn’t popular through that medium so they decided it would be better on TV. I really like how they are doing the show, maybe that is because I do not remember the book so I don’t know if they have changed anything. I love the actors they have chosen to play the characters, the acting is actually good and even with the cheesy special effects I can’t find much to dislike. Each episode gets more intense but they’re also using humor to bring down the tension. This show has you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Shadowhunters is really making me want to reread The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books.

Recap of Episode 1

The show starts off with 3 people tracking down another person, who clearly isn’t human because they shift into another person after they are bumped into. The three people are doing things that no people react to so they must not be able to be seen. That is until one of them bumps into a girl, who reacts to him and can see him.

Shifts to 8 hours earlier

The girl is seen holding a portfolio bag going into an art school and we learn she is Clary Fray. She is trying to get into the Brooklyn Academy of Art because she is being judged by the people there. The officials there see the folder that Clary has had her artwork in and on that folder there are drawings of other creatures and runes and they are very intrigued by it. She meets her best friend Simon at a cafe and he believes that she didn’t get in because she looks upset but then she shows him the letter that says she has in fact gotten into the Academy. Clary and Simon talk about someone in Simon’s band crushing on him and Clary is surprised Simon doesn’t see it because he is so smart and perceptive. He replies by saying that he’s not the only one who can’t see when someone likes them. When Clary sat down she placed a biscotti on the table next to her and she looked at it it had disappeared and in its place was just a drawing of the biscotti.

Now we get to a police crime scene of a woman having been murdered, drained of blood. The one cop, Luke, looks at the barking police dog and something happens and the dog stops barking at once. This murder makes 7 murders with the same MO. The cop gets a call from a woman named Jocelyn, the first he declines which another cop comments about how he should just marry Jocelyn and then the second he answers because it is for Clary’s birthday, the cop comments that he’s already acting like a father.

Next scene is of Clary returning home and talking to a woman named Dot. Dot is using Tarot cards and when Clary asks what the cards are telling her, Dot says that someone got into the Art Academy. Clary realizes at once that she has read that from Simon’s Twitter account. Dot explains that finding out the future from Tarot cards are difficult and turns one over to show a golden cup on the other side of a card. Dot then gives Clary her birthday  present, a really pretty shirt or dress. Clary goes up to see her mom who also follows Simon so she already knows the news about Clary. Jocelyn gives Clare a stele, it is an ancient family heirloom. Jocelyn tries to talk to Clary about how everything is going to change for her.

Jocelyn has a memory of ten years ago of Clary playing by a pond when some kind of demon appears in front of Clary and Jocelyn kills it. Jocelyn takes Clary to Magnus, a warlock, because only a warlock can do what Jocelyn wants him to do, remove Clary’s memories of the Shadowrealm.

Luke comes to Jocelyn’s place and she shows Luke Clary’s drawings of the demons and runes. They decide they will talk to Clary together when Clary come downstairs and greets Luke. Luke gives Clary a box spray paint which she is going to use on Simon’s van for his band. Simon comes to pick Clary up and tells them that they are going to go to Pandemonium to celebrate Clary’s 18th birthday. Jocelyn tries to get them to come back to her place because it’s not safe but Clary believes everything will be okay. Jocelyn and Clary make a promise for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Next scene is Clary, Simon, and Maureen talking about how Jocelyn is overprotective and recently. Clary explains that she can’t learn anything about her mom because she has no other family as her father died before she was born as are the rest of the family. So it has always been Clary, Luke, and Jocelyn. Maureen thinks it is suspicious because Jocelyn could be hiding anything. Clary disagrees because she believes that her mom is incapable of hiding anything from her.

Next scene Jocelyn is getting a sword out of box that she had hidden.

Next scene we see Isabelle in a white top and skirt deciding on wigs when someone calls for her, she decides on the blonde wig and tells her older brother that demons like blondes. They meet Jace who complements Isabelle’s choice of blonde. Jace goes into explanation that they are going after demons who are killing Mundanes and draining their blood which they do not know why. They decide that they will find out why these shifters are getting the blood when they complete the mission. The target shifter currently looks like an older Asian man with glasses. Alec, Isabelle’s brother, wants to send a message to get approval for the mission but Jace decides that it would be faster to just go because it would take a long time for approval.

Next scene Simon is singing with Maureen. Simon is looking at Clary while Maureen is looking at Simon. Simon and Maureen have decided to change the band’s name to “Rock Solid Panda” rather than “Champagne Enema” and Clary begins to paint. Clary accidentally draws a rune without realizing it. The shifter, who now looks like a woman in a pink dress, walks past them and behind her is Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. Jace bumps into Clary and is shocked when she notices him and tells him to watch where he is going. Jace says that Clary has the sight and wonders how he doesn’t know who she is. Jace gets called away and Clary goes back to Simon and Maureen and tells Clary that she wasn’t talking to anyone. Clary is shocked and feels insane from this and goes into the club to get some answers. The shifter is walking through the club with Jace, Isabelle, and Alec following behind. The shifter gives bottles of Mundane blood to a couple guys in suits and sunglasses and walks away. Clary starts looking for Jace to get some answers and the camera cuts to Magnus in the same bar with a group of people and seems to notice the 2 men in suits, Circle members, and those 2 men have noticed Clary. Magnus chases the men away . Clary finally sees Jace go into a curtained place and goes to follow him. Jace tells Isabelle to distract the men in the curtained area. Clary gets into the curtained area by latching onto a man going in there. Jace comes up behind the shifter who was giving Mundane blood to the 2 Circle members to get her to talk who wants the Mundane blood. Clary is shocked when Jace draws his sword and yells out and pushes the shifter away. The shifter now has some weird bug-like mouth coming out of its face when it looked up. Jace pushes Clary out of the way. The fight begins and Clary picks up a sword on the ground and it comes to life and she ends up stabbing a man, much to the shock of Jace. Clary runs out of the room freaked out and runs into Magnus who Clary has a flash of a memory of him. She leaves Simon behind and walks into a taxi with the 2 suited men from the Circle.

Next scene has Clary explaining what happened at the bar to her mom. Jocelyn is more interested the markings on Jace, and uses the stele to reveal the same markings on Jocelyn’s arm. She assures Clary she isn’t going insane, it means that the protections are wearing off. Jocelyn wants to tell Clary the truth but Dot interrupts telling Jocelyn to look out of the window, Magnus called to warn them. Jocelyn runs to the window while Dot says that they have found her, it is the Circle men from the bar. Jocelyn yells that it’s time and that Clary can’t be near her because she hid something from a very powerful man which made him angry. Clary wants to call the police but Jocelyn tells her the only police she should call is Luke. Jocelyn gives Clary a necklace and tells her to think of her when she wears it. Dot give Jocelyn a bottle of something with instructions to only drink it if she needs it. Jocelyn tells Clary to trust her instinct and she is stronger than she knows. A scene with the men that are coming, the men are saying to take Jocelyn alive and find the Mortal Cup. Dot uses magic to open a portal and Jocelyn is telling Clary that everything she has done, she has done for Clary and that Clary will go to Luke and Luke is the only one she can trust, to trust no one else. Clary disappears through the portal and appears at the police station. Cut back to the Fray’s home, the Circle men are entering the home and Dot attacks them with magic to distract them. One man stays behind and gathers all the cups in the display case. Dot is caught and thrown out the window. Jocelyn starts a fire in Clary’s room to make sure they can’t find her. Men reach the Fray’s home and Jocelyn fights back. The men tell her it would all be over if she would just give them the Mortal Cup. They tell her that the reason that they want it is not for themselves but for another man, Valentine, who Jocelyn is surprised is still alive. Jocelyn states that she will not let Valentine create an army with the cup to which the men respond that Jocelyn once believed in Valentine which she replies that she believed in protecting humankind. Jocelyn says that they will never get the cup before she drinks the potion and collapses to the floor.

Next scene is back at the police station where Luke is running an interview and the man and woman he is interviewing is talking about the Fairchilds and how easy it was to track Luke once they found out the Fairchilds were alive. The where she overhears Luke telling the man and woman in an interview that he does not care about either Jocelyn or Clary, they mean nothing to him and that they can kill them both for all he cares. He states that his people want the cup and that’s why he has hung around for all these years and when he finds the cup he is going to keep the cup and he knows that they were sent by the Circle and Valentine. Clary runs out of the police station

Next scene is at a factory in Chernobyl, which is Valentine’s hideout. A man is going with a syringe full of what seems like blood when the members who captured Jocelyn arrive. Valentine is sorry that Jocelyn had to be forced back and is concerned when he had stated that she was to be unharmed. The one man explains that she was in league with a warlock. Another man is disgusted by Jocelyn being close with Downworlders and Mundanes and that she is a coward. Valentine explains that she hid from them for 18 years and asks if she would be capable of doing that if she was a coward. The same man stats all that the only thing she is capable of is smelling like a Mundane, and goes on to say that she betrayed the Circle and doesn’t deserve their respect. This angers Valentine and stabs the man with the needle he was holding. The man begins to scream in pain and it is like he’s being burned.

Next scene has Clary running in an alleyway yelling for her mom, she notices blood on the sidewalk and comes into her house having been destroyed. Clary suddenly calms and grabs an axe to go look for her mom or the men. She sees Dot and Dot explains that they took her mother because they were looking for a cup, the Mortal Cup, and asks Clary to think if she knows where it is. Clary does not know and can’t think of where this supposed cup is. Dot turns into a demon and attacks Clary. Clary is saved by Jace and passes out. Jace carries her away.

Next scene is Clary seeming to be having a dream while the necklace her mom gave her glows purple. The thing Clary is seeing is her mother suspended in air with Valentine looking over her form and trying to awaken her with a stele. Clary jolts awake and bumps heads with Isabelle. Isabelle is curious about Clary because Jace has never been so interested in a Mundane before. Jace and Alec walk in with Alec saying that the Mundane, meaning Clary, shouldn’t be where they have taken her. Jace argues that she is not a Mundane as the Seraph blade lit up when Clary held it. Alec wants to report the situation to the Clave but Jace and Isabelle convinces him to not tell them yet. Alec is suspicious of Clary being a new Shadowhunter which would be impossible. Clary’s wound has healed in the time that she has been asleep. Jace explains what a Shadowhunter is and how they help humans. Simon calls Clary which interrupts Jace’s explanation; it turns out that Simon had used Find my Friend which led him to an abandoned church which causes him to be concerned for Clary’s safety. While changing clothing Clary notices a rune tattooed on her neck and she asks Jace about it and he explains that it was the rune that saved her life. Jace explains that runes would only help Shadowhunters and would be lethal for humans. Jace presumes that Clary knows all about runes because of Clary’s sketchbook but realizes she knows nothing of the runes she has drawn.

Next scene Jace had noticed something behind Simon so is coming with Clary to meet Simon outside. Once outside Simon does not see Jace because he uses the invisibility rune to hide from Mundanes so Simon only sees Clary talking to herself. Simon wants to take Clary home but Clary says that she doesn’t think that she has a home. Suddenly a man calls out to Clary who Jace immediately grabs. Clary looks on in worry, while Simon looks on in confusion because he does not see what is going on. Jace easily overpowers the man and kills him, while doing so he utters “this is for my father.” Clary runs over to Jace and Simon follows still confused because she’s talking to nobody in his eyes. Suddenly the dead man becomes seeable to Simon which shocks him. Clary asks Jace to remove the glamour so Simon will stop thinking she is crazy. Jace suddenly appears to Simon and wants everyone to go inside. Clary realizes that it is one of the men from the police station which Jace explains that they are from the Circle. Jace explains that going inside is the only way to keep Clary safe because she is a Shadowhunter. Simon is appalled and says that if she goes with him they can go get help. Clary is caught between going with Jace and going with Simon

Next scene is back in Chernobyl and Valentine is very angry that his men have not brought him the Mortal Cup. The man explains about Clary and that there is no father, he says that it could be a Mundane. Valentine seems surprised by this news and says he wants to speak with Jocelyn’s daughter.


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