Book Reviews of 2015

In 2015 I read 53 books, not including manga because I do not include them in my Goodreads reading challenge for the year. I pledged that I would read 50 book so I surpassed that by three books.

“Book of Ivy” by Amy Engel 4/5

I really enjoyed this book and the only reason it took me as long as it did is because I had to put it down for the holidays. The characters were so complex and I really enjoyed learning about this world. I really look forward to reading the sequel because that cliffhanger made me want to cry because I have to wait for it.

“The Merciless” by Danielle Vega 3/5

What. Did. I. Just. Read? Don’t get me wrong it held my attention and it was hard to put down, the only reason I did is because of school.




“A Thousand Pieces of You” by Claudia Grey 4/5

This world was incredible! I loved reading about all the different worlds/dimensions there are in this book. I really enjoyed the Russian world because I liked the description of the scenery and the characters grew in this world. I cannot wait to read the sequel why does it have to be so far away?!

“Fallen Too Far” by Abbi Glines 3.75/5

3.75* I was quite surprised by this book, it was recommended to me by one of the people at Audible and I thought “why not?” so I gave it a shot. I went into it not really knowing what to expect and I certainly didn’t expect it to be as addicting to read as it was. Nan annoyed me to no end. That being said I will probably continue this to see where the characters go from here.

“Never Too Far” by Abbi Glines 4/5

Wasn’t too bad of a book. These books are really quick reads and pretty addicting I’m probably going to end up reading the next book really soon.Not sure if I will read any passed the stories focused on Rush and Blaire but I may. The dual perspective was pretty good but since I was listening to the audiobook I didn’t like that it was the same narrator for Rush’s perspective (so it was a girl).


“Forever Too Far” by Abbi Glines 4/5

** spoiler alert ** Papa Dean has shown up! He seems like he is really nice, has some flaws but still nice! Nan is still a bitch, I tried to feel sympathy for her but I just can’t she’s still a bitch! Harlow seems really sweet!! As does Della (aww Della and Woods so cute!!) Jimmy is still friggen hilarious as hell!! Baby Nate seems adorable and I’m glad that Rush and Blaire could start a family when they did not have a true family anymore. I’m so happy that Blaire and her dad could reconcile. I think I’m going to end up reading the rest of the stories for these characters because now I’m hooked. These books have become my guilty pleasure and I never thought it would happen. Grant and Nan? *gag*

“Rush Too Far” by Abbi Glines 4/5

This was a really fast read, it was only 6 hours long, and the time just flew by. I really enjoy reading the story that I like in a different point of view. This book was Rush’s point of view of Fallen Too Far and it was an excellent insight to the world of Rush. For a very long time his family, Nan in particular, and he would do anything for them. Until Blair turned his world upside down, the girl from the family he was supposed to hate. I can’t wait to read more! I am definitely hooked on this series!

“Fairest” by Marissa Meyer 5/5

Can’t wait to see why it is Levana went so bat shit crazy!! 😀

Ahhh that book, the feels. I felt bad for Levana at the same time that I hated her so much. I actually liked Channary a bit (minus her kinda being a bitch at times) but you could see she truly loved her daughter and that redeemed her.

The audiobook was really well done and it engrossed me each time I turned it on.

Those chapters of Winter ahhhh I want it to be November right NOW!! Jacin and Winter’s interactions were perfect! Hurry up November!!

“Stitching Snow” by R.C. Lewis 5/5

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the world that it was set in and the characters. I kinda thought I knew what the main twist was going to be but I did not expect it to be what is was! It really held my attention, again the only reason I had put it down is because of school. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!

“Zac and Mia” by A.J. Betts 5/5

This book hit me right in the feels! So many emotions were swirling around my head when I read this! I read this while I was sick so I read it in one sitting and my god did it make me cry! I am seriously turning into a person who will cry at the drop of a hat, especially when a character in a book I am reading is hurting. I truly enjoyed this book!

“Naked” by Raine Miller 4/5

I did not expect to like this book as much as I did, I mean come on the title is “Naked.” The main thing that I did not like is that the man seemed controlling and manipulative over the woman. He gave me stalker vibes.All-in-all, it was an enjoyable book and I am looking forward to reading more. This year is turning into the year that I read mostly romance novels and I wonder if that will continue (*Note from 2016 Ashley, it really did turn into the year I read mostly romance novels*).


“The Darkest Part of the Forest” by Holly Black 5/5

I absolutely loved the writing style of this book! I don’t get to read much 3rd person point of view books and this book’s writing was executed very well. This story I am sure will stick with me for a very long time and that is an author’s goal to have their readers remember what they have written (*Note from 2016 Ashley, it has still stuck with me!*). I can’t recommend this book enough!


“Breathe” by Abbi Glines 4/5

I am really liking Abbi Glines’ writing! I enjoyed this book, not as much as the Rosemary Beach series but it is a close second so far. This book had a really well executed plot and characters that grew with the writing.

“Snow Like Ashes” by Sara Raasch 5/5

I really loved this book! It was slow starting but once the action was set up it did not slow down until the end. Definitely going to be a favorite of the year and I cannot wait to read the sequel. I had a feeling about the twist, which I was right about, but it did not take away from the story. The characters were well developed and grew within the story so I imagine they will only continue to grow in the sequels.

“To Be Perfectly Honest: A Novel Based on an Untrue Story” by Sonya Sones 5/5

That plot twist at the end! Daaaannnnggggg. It was a hilarious book that’s for sure! I really enjoyed the lies that the main character would tell, they weaved an excellent and exciting story. One of my favorites of the year!

“All In” by Raine Miller 3/5

This was a good sequel but it wasn’t my favorite by any means. It was a quick read and I want to read the next book and find out more.

“Eyes Wide Open” by Raine Miller 3.75/5

3.75* I enjoyed this book more than the last because more seemed to be unravelling and becoming known about the characters. It’s not one of my favorites but it’s an enjoyable read.

“Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire 4/5

There were parts I liked but there were parts that I didn’t like. Travis seemed very obsessive as well as possessive. I enjoyed the book as a whole so I will read the companions because I am curious about the characters and the other side of the story.

“Hold Still” by Nina LaCour 4/5

This story was excellently written to stab a knife into the readers heart because of the character’s pain and suffering. Nina LaCour wrote an amazing book and I will definitely pick up more by her! I want to reread this to gather more information about the story I may have missed because I just flew through this book.

“Walking Disaster” by Jamie McGuire 4/5

It was interesting to see Travis’ point of view that is for sure. I enjoyed seeing the fights through Travis’ eyes because he enjoyed them so we got to see in his head during them. I just seem to like books retold in another’s point of view.

“A Beautiful Wedding” by Jamie McGuire 2.5/5

2.5* Hmm I wonder what this book could possibly be about?… The plot was … different. This book really took away from the story as a whole. I mean in the last the readers figure that Abby is doing what she is out of love but this story made it seem like Travis was a lost puppy following Abby to Vegas to be married without seeing why she wanted to in the first place. I didn’t enjoy this novella much at all.

“A Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Simon” by J.S. Scott 3/5

I read these books quickly enough and I did really enjoy them but I feel like there could have been more to the story. My feelings are conflicted because on one hand I liked the story and the characters but then on the other it’s like the story is dragging it down.

“Mine For Christmas” by J.S. Scott 4/5

This was a really sweet read that I really enjoyed. This was an excellent addition to Simon and Kara’s story! It was a really short and fast read that I easily read in one sitting. This novella made me like the characters and story of Simon and Kara even more.

“Pawn” by Aimee Carter 4/5

I really enjoyed this story, it had an aspect of world building that others in YA don’t have. I was really interested in this world more than other dystopian books that I have read. The characters were annoying at times that made me literally yell at them while reading, thankfully I was alone. I would definitely recommend this book, mostly because so far there is no love triangle (unheard of in most YA books).

“Rare and Precious Things” by Raine Miller 4/5

I think I enjoyed this one the most because it was really sweet. It has been a little while since I read the last one but it was easy to fall back into the world without rereading the last to remind myself. I come to really like these characters.

“The Billionaire and the Virgin” by Jessica Clare 3.75/5

3.75* I actually really liked this book. It was light and fluffy. The character drama made me laugh at times because it was silly but as a whole this book was good! I didn’t expect to like it since a huge topic in a Romance novel is “Billionaire and a poor person.” I think this is the 6th book (if I count the Rosemary Beach books individually) that I have read this year that had a billionaire and a poor person trope.

“Reasonable Doubt” Whitney Garcia Williams 5/5

I really enjoyed this book! I know I have started a lot of reviews like this but I truly did like this book. I read it in one sitting because I could not turn away from this book. I loved the banter between the Andrew and Aubrey (“Alyssa”). The story grew with the characters and you find yourself wanting to know more about the story until the very end and then you want a little more to see their lives afterwards. It was definitely a favorite of the year.

“I Hate Myselfie” by Shane Dawson 4/5

One of the first nonfiction books I think I have ever read. I really enjoyed reading about Shane’s life because it is nice to see the story behind the YouTuber. While many things he says is deemed inappropriate, I couldn’t help but feel that this was a real story because many people think/say inappropriate things in a day and no matter what it shows that Shane is a human too. The fame that has come from YouTube would isolate a person and make them feel like they couldn’t say what they wanted because someone might be offended but Shane shows he doesn’t care and says it how it is. This book did make me cry, especially when he started to talk about his Grandma (RIP). I would recommend this book to people who do not get offended by things easily and those who want a glimpse at the life of a YouTuber that many people have watched for years.

“Dirty Secret” Emma Hart 4/5

A very cute and emotional second chance romance novel. I respect that Sofie thought she was doing the right thing with running away from Conner and hiding their daughter from him. I liked the book as a whole, some things I had issues with but they can be easily overlooked.

“Cinder & Ella” by Kelly Oram 5/5

I absolutely loved this book! The character and the story development was so incredible that you can’t help but like this story. Ella Rodriguez was hurt extremely badly after the accident that killed her mother and because of it she sees herself as a lower human, because of her stepsisters and classmates. She finds solace in writing with her pen-pal “Cinder.” She does not know that Cinder is actually a famous actor Brian Oliver, who is playing the lead character in The Druid Prince. A lot of the drama comes from Ella’s stepsisters and Kaylee, Brian fake fiancé. I am ecstatic about the ending and the story as a whole and would recommend this book to anyone!

“Losing It” by Cora Carmack 4/5

I actually really enjoyed “Losing It”! It was a fun, exciting and romantic read. I read it in one sitting.

“The Bet” by Rachel Van Dyken 4/5

Travis, Jake, and Kacey have known each other since childhood. Kacey and Jake used to be a thing, while Travis used to tease Kacey incessantly because he had a crush on her. There was a childhood bet between Travis and Jake about Kacey. I was expecting it to be a story that the girl falls back in love with the boy from her past and continues to keep her back on the boy who teased her. But I was pleasantly surprised that Kacey begins to have feelings for Travis. I look forward to read the next story.

“Night Owl” by M. Pierce 4/5

I really enjoyed this book so I would like to continue with the books, if Audible ever puts the next ones on the site. Admittedly I could read the physical books because I have them but I like the narrator of the audiobooks. Matt and Hannah’s relationship is an amazing one because they start as writing partners and their relationship moves ahead more once Matt sees a picture of Hannah because she accidentally sent an email from her personal account to Matt. I loved seeing the relationship grow into what it did. I really need to read the next ones (*Note from 2016 Ashley, still haven’t read them, I gotta get on that*)

“Beautiful Bastard” by Christina Lauren 4/5

This is one book I figured I wouldn’t like because the title made me think meh but then I read it and I actually really loved it! I really like back-and-forth banter between characters, especially when it makes me truly laugh. I do recommend this book because it is romantic, funny, somewhat unrealistic but also realistic in parts.

“Wallbanger” by Alice Clayton 4/5

This book was really hilarious. I truly enjoyed the banter between the two main characters. I am looking forward to reading more into their story!

“The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend” by Kody Keplinger 5/5

First off, I saw the movie before I read the book… I know, please don’t yell at me! I enjoyed both as individual entities for their differences and similarities. I really liked Bianca’s character for a lot of it and Wesley was always an entertaining character when he was in the story. The relationship between Bianca and Wesley was complex and entertaining. I was driving home and listening to the audiobook and I was literally laughing out loud in my car, I am sure that people in neighboring cars thought I was insane but that is okay because I was immersed in the book’s world and nothing can take away from that. It was actually one of my favorites of the year because while the characters were frustrating at times, they actually made me feel something for their story.

“Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon 5/5

I started this book at 10:58pm September 19th and I didn’t sleep until I finished it 6.45 hours later! I was dragging my feet the next day that is for sure! I really enjoyed reading about someone who has so many allergies that they can’t leave their house, don’t mean it in a bad way it’s just that I have so many allergies so it is nice to be able to relate with someone. I did not like Maddy’s mom but I understood at the end why she did what she did. I loved how Olly and Maddy seemed to complement each other and were drawn to each other from the start. Olly’s dad is an ass, forgive me for swearing but there are no nice words to describe the man. I would easily recommend this book to anyone because it is so easy to be drawn in by it!

“Moonlight” by Tim Rourke 5/5

This book is so good! I has similar elements to other Vampire/Werewolf books but it holds a place above the typical books because it has excellent storyline. I fell in love with the cover, I know how dare I judge a book by the cover, and am glad I read it. The romance is near nonexistent but you can see a connection between the two. Will be continuing the series!

“Moonbeam” by Tim Rourke 3/5

Aww I was really hoping I would like this one more. It did not go the way I was expecting and I am quite disappointed in the story. Could have been way better that is for sure. I will read the next one eventually, not a top priority anymore.

“A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen 3/5

I read this story for my English class. I quite enjoyed the plot and it held my attention far better than most stories I have read for school. It was quite interesting to read about contemporary life of a family when lies come back to haunt the wife.

“Slipperless” by Sloan Storm 3/5

I have no idea why I picked this book up but I am feeling content that I did.This wasn’t an amazing book but it can hold people’s attention until the end. I will probably continue reading the series to find out what happens with the characters.

“Beautiful Bitch” by Christina Lauren 4/5

This was a really great novella. It continues off right after Beautiful Bastard and it was easy to fall back into the world without aid because it has been a while since I read Beautiful Bastard. I liked where this has moved the story to and will love to see where it continues.

“Wrong” by Jana Aston 4.5/5

4.5 stars because I had some issues with it but I read it in one sitting and I enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting to actually like it so I started with the sample and then I got to the end of the sample and was like I need to finish this.

“Manwhore” by Katy Evans 4/5

Huh it turns out you can like a Manwhore of a book. I never expected to like it but I was fed up with seeing the recommendation in my audible page so I finally got it and read it. It was actually really good and the plot is well thought out and executed. In real life most people tend to hate the people who have a title of “manwhore,” be it from envy or disgust, but in a book’s world you can like them easily! Deception, romance, Saint are all words that can be used to describe the book and that is only the tip of the iceberg of the story of “Manwhore.”

“Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined” by Stephenie Meyer 3.75/5

3.75* I only found out about this book being a thing after watching a YouTube video of certain YouTuber freaking out over the release. Stephenie Meyer definitely hid this secret well! I got the book and was surprised I liked the story well enough. It isn’t amazing by any means but it brings to light a new look at the story that is so popular. I didn’t like the fact that they changed the Cullen’s parents’ gender but Charlie and Renee remained the same gender. It could have been better but it was a typical “Twilight” story.

“The Oedipus Cycle: Oedipus Rex/Oedipus at Colonus/Antigone” by Sophocles 5/5

Was only supposed to read the first story (“Oedipus Rex”) but I wanted to continue the story so I kept reading. It was different that is for sure. Killing his father, marrying his mother, stabbing out his own eyes, this story of Oedipus certainly doesn’t leave anything out.

“The Sweet Taste of Sin” by Ember Casey 4/5

Oh look another second chance love story this year. I really loved the story though, I read it in one sitting easily and didn’t want to put it down! It was addicting and pulled me in from page one. I will continue with the series and find out more of the family.

“Manwhore +1” by Katy Evans 4/5

The continuation of “Manwhore” was a roller coaster. I gathered that they would end up together, because I saw the next book/novella so really I cheated, but I didn’t think it would go to places it did. I really liked this as a sequel.

“Ms. Manwhore” by Katy Evans 5/5

Yay they’re getting married! This story made me happy as a conclusion. I am so happy that I have read these books! So much happened and so many feels were felt. I really want to read Gina’s story which I hope will come soon!

“Slipperless #2” by Sloan Storm 3.75/5

3.75* This was a good continuation of Gabe and Fiona’s story. It brought out so much more to the story that I hope will continue after in the next books. I will definitely read the next ones to find out what happens.

“Winter” by Marissa Meyer 5/5

Wow!!! That’s all I can say right now is wow!! I need a day or two to collect my thoughts so I can write a proper review!!

Update: Okay I have formed my thoughts that I can properly comprehend this story. First off I am extremely sad that the Lunar Chronicles has ended. I remember getting Cinder right after it came out but didn’t pick it up until the curiosity got the better of me and I binged read Cinder, Scarlet, and then waited a month for Cress and read that. I preordered Winter in August 2014 because I wanted it so much. I got the book a day early and immediately started reading! I switched between listening to the audiobook to the hard copy to the ebook, that’s right I got the audiobook, hardcover, AND the ebook. Technically I got the ebook so I could continue to read in class because I didn’t want to put it down.

Marissa has written yet another incredible novel. This series has risen to be one of my all time favorites which only held Harry Potter before the Lunar Chronicles slid into their respective spot. Winter continues the Lunar Chronicles’ story of Cinder trying to reclaim her throne from the evil Levana. Now we have Winter and Jacin’s point of view and see their relationship that started out as childhood friends and has evolved into the Princess and the Guard. We see the outer sectors of Luna which was incredible to experience because you get to see how the rule of Levana, and perhaps those before her, has destroyed the people’s spirit. I loved seeing how Cinder thought her way of the trials that she encountered. I truly love all these characters, even Levana in a sick way because who else am I supposed to hate and I love how her character is truly evil. There aren’t enough words in the world that could possibly explain how much I loved this book.

Definitely went into a total book hangover after this but it was okay because I could continue to relive all that I read in this book!

“Say Uncle” by C.M Steele 3/5

I had accidentally hit “Read for Free” so I decided I wouldn’t waste a book and read it. It was funny and different that’s for sure. I probably wouldn’t read it again but it was an entertaining read that I read in one sitting.

“Empty” by K.M. Walton 2.5/5

2.5* I have a hard time deciding what my thoughts are about this book. I know I didn’t really like it and would never recommend this one. K.M. Walton has definitely written better books. Bad way to end the year but there’s always next year and hopefully I find ones that I like more than this.

So all-in-all, this has been an excellent reading year. It wasn’t my best year but it was great because I read some really great books. My all-time favorite was definitely “Winter” by Marissa Meyer! I absolutely love the Lunar Chronicles and while I am sad that it is over, Marissa isn’t finished with the series yet. “Stars Above” came out February 2, 2016 and we got to revisit the Lunar Chronicle world and Marissa announced recently that she is going to be releasing a graphic novel of what happens after “Winter.” I am extremely exciting for it!

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