BABYMETAL is a Japanese band that is classified as “heavy metal,” and “J-pop.” Now when I first heard of them I had wondered how their music could be classified as metal and pop but then I listened to their music and understood. I see their music as being more, as it has been also described to me from my friend, as “Kawaii Metal” or “Cute Metal” because the band consists of 3 girls who are under the age of twenty. Su-metal is 18 years old, and Yuimetal and Maometal are both 16 years old. Their music is nothing like traditional metal is and it is nothing like traditional J-pop because it has aspects of both genres in their music. I was blown away by their music and I couldn’t stop listening and watching their video Megitsune on YouTube. Their music brings so much to both genres.

BABYMETAL is having a world tour this year, 2016, and releasing their 2nd album April 1, 2016, which is becoming “Fox Day” because BABYMETAL is releasing the album that day.

You can find out more information about BABYMETAL on their official web site, it has been translated in English, here.

You can listen to BABYMETAL’s music on their official YouTube page here.

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