Audiobooks vs. Actually Reading

I have always loved reading and I find that I can read quite a few books a month. I hadn’t looked into getting audiobooks until one day I had let my friend borrow a book that I was in the middle of reading, “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer (don’t judge me I was in high school!), so I looked into finding a free way for me to continue reading the books and I found a link for an audiobook version of the Twilight Saga. I wasn’t sure about them at first until I started listening and a few hours later I was finished the book and onto the next one. Audiobooks are like having a person read the story to you directly. I like audiobooks because they bring a new voice to the story and when there are difficult names, like Safiya fon Hasstrel from “Truthwitch” by Susan Dennard, it is nice knowing that you can pronounce the names correctly. Audiobooks help people who struggles with concentration because you can block the world out while listening to the book. You can also read along with the book or you can relax in bed and imagine the world being told to you.

I will always love reading and audiobooks have opened many options that I can read. I find that I can read more per month with audiobooks because I can listen while doing my tasks of the day, like walking to school or doing dishes. I can listen any time of day when reading the actual book may be difficult.

Find the books mentioned and sites that you can get audiobooks: Audible, “Truthwitch“, “New Moon

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